How Nissa went from the Deepest Valley of her life to owning one of the Largest home improvement companies in the Western United States!

In late 2009, Nissa’s whole life changed in a single instant.
That may sound dramatic, but it is absolutely true – as you’ll read in a moment. At first Nissa’s story might not seem like it has anything to do with running a home improvement company, but the journey Nissa & her family survived is exactly why she now runs her company with a deep sense of gratitude and insist that they operate by the highest values.

The Accident

In early October 2009, Nissa was 24 weeks pregnant with twins. At that point, she already had a wonderful family, with 5 stepchildren, and a husband with a good career in the home improvement industry. But it had been a long struggle to get pregnant and she was thrilled to be expecting. Sitting in her SUV at a complete stop on what she thought was just another autumn day, Nissa got rammed from behind by someone traveling 60mph. The SUV was completely totaled, the entire back half of the car crushed beyond belief. (She still thanks God that none of her stepchildren were with her that day).

The accident sent Nissa into labor immediately. She stayed in labor in the hospital for more than a month, with her doctors giving her medicines to keep her twins from being born, as they were too premature to be safely birthed. On November 24, it became clear that the medicines and prolonged labor were making Nissa very sick and the doctors ordered an emergency C-section to save her children from becoming sick themselves.

This was not how Nissa’s children were supposed to be born. She wanted to be aware of what was happening, not knocked out for an emergency C-section. Nissa’s children (who would be named David and Isabella) should have been completely healthy, not premature and in line for what complications preemies faced.

The next months were full of peaks and valleys, worry and wonder. Nissa had to hear things like “50/50 chance of survival.” This was definitely not part of the plan. Finally, in February, she was thrilled to be able to bring David home, but also agonized as she had to wait another two weeks to bring Isabella home.

And Another Setback

As Nissa and her family adjusted to this new life and dealt with the twins’ less than ideal health, the family suffered another setback when the home improvement company she previously worked for and where her husband had currently worked for went out of business. Nissa’s husband was put in a very tough position during the closing and it left him burned out and not ready to dive back into the home improvement industry.

‘Life Will Not Just Happen to Nissa’

Here is the thing about Nissa, though. She can’t just sit still and let life happen to her. Before her marriage – when she put her career on hold to become a full-time step mom – Nissa had always been a hard worker, often holding multiple jobs. She is also more than a little stubborn and wasn’t ready to let hard times have the last word.

As her twins grew and their health improved, she had the idea to start a home improvement company. It wouldn’t be like ordinary companies. It would live out extraordinary values, and her staff would be like family, and her customers would really matter to her and everyone in the company. Nissa talked to her husband about it, but after his bad experience, he wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge.

Still, the idea just wouldn’t let go. Nissa decided that this was something that she had to do… for herself, her family, and for her children. So she founded DaBella LLC in 2011.

The name DaBella came from a combination of David and Isabella as a constant reminder that Nissa was committed to running her company by certain values. Even today, she still reminds her staff that the names of her children are on this company. This means that every day they have to be ready to demonstrate the very best of themselves: it’s about how you treat customers; it’s the quality of your workmanship; and it’s about treating each other like family and knowing that their customers have families too and should be treated with the same respect. The name of her company is a constant reminder of those values.

The Kind of Company People Want to Do Business With…

Nissa and everyone at DaBella found out very quickly that people are hungry for a home improvement company that does the highest quality work and lives extraordinary values. The bad apples that do shoddy work and play high-pressure sales games have no idea what they are missing. You sleep better at night knowing you are delivering for your customers the best possible home improvements. They don’t allow people to put bad products on their home, they just don’t. And their customers keep telling everyone they know… turns out quality products with lasting warranties backing them at a reasonable price is the best business strategy of all.

The business has grown very fast and is now the one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the western United States. David and Isabella are doing well. When they are old enough to understand, Nissa will have a great story to tell them. And she’ll be able to show them a company that proudly lives up to their names.

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