Get a Bathroom for All Ages and Stages of Life.

A safe, healthy, and functional bathroom is welcome in any home, but is especially important as you grow older. A DaBella® can bath conversion help.

The concept of “aging in place” focuses on making a home safer and more accessible for people as they grow older and begin to experience loss of mobility. One of the most important rooms a home to focus on for future needs is the bathroom. The combination of tight space, wet floors, and protruding plumbing fixtures can present a problem as we age.

DaBella® has the perfect solution in our tub and shower conversion services. We’ll evaluate your current and future needs, then develop a bathroom design that includes making bathing as safe and convenient as possible.

Some of the features of our tub and shower conversions that are appropriate to “aging in place” include:

  • Jacuzzi® walk-in bathtub enclosures with waterproof sealed doors
  • Built-in tub seating
  • Strategically placed handrails and grips
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • “Zero entry” showers for wheelchair or walker access
  • Easy-to-grip and turn faucets
  • Non-porous acrylic surrounds with anti-microbial properties built right in

Let DaBella® help you to convert your bathroom into a beautiful, functional room that will also be safe and convenient to use for many years to come.

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