Preservation Windows: Why We’re One of the Best

Man standing on a building with the words the company written on it.

We take windows seriously—and you have few options better than Preservation. With over 65 years of solid manufacturing experience backed by only the best renovation specialists, the main thrust of Preservation is to provide you with lasting quality—“preserving” your investment for a long time, if you will. There are several ways that Preservation windows in Portland Oregon take the lead in their class, and all of them greatly benefit you. [Read more…]

Alside Window Design Showcase: Window Shopping Made Easy

Windows behind red drapes.

The difficulty with shopping for windows in Portland Oregon is that most people don’t know what exactly these windows look like. Worse, many aren’t completely sure what exactly they’re going for either. These can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction if not dealt with properly. That’s why we developed an easy way to visualize the different types of windows here at DaBella Exteriors®. [Read more…]

DaBella Exteriors: Financing Options

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If your roof is looking like it has seen better days, or worse, if it’s already leaking, there’s just no other way around it but to get that roof repaired or replaced immediately before it can damage the other components of your home. That’s because a failing roof could result in leaks all over your home. When water seeps into our homes, it can damage the roofing structure and even the other parts of your home, including the walls, ceilings, windows, soffits, etc. This means that instead of just shelling out money for roofing repair, you will need to fork over even more money to repair the other parts of your home. [Read more…]

DaBella Exteriors®: Get to Know Us Better

Da Bella Exteriors staff

When it comes to roofing, siding, windows, doors, and bath conversions, DaBella Exteriors® is the most trusted home improvement contractor in Portland OR and the surrounding areas. This is because we’re not only built on a stable foundation of values—we are also proud Oregonians! We are living and working among our clients—our family, friends, and neighbors—to make sure that you get the best products and services for your home improvement needs.

[Read more…]

Part 3: Mother, May I? How to Know if a Home Improvement Project Needs a Permit

Getting a Permit: Who, What, When, Where, and How

When planning home improvement projects or remodeling, you may need one or two permits for you to be able to pursue with the project without worrying that the local code enforcement department will come and take down whatever it is that you’ve already done. Below is a basic guide that might help you get around with acquiring permits for your project. [Read more…]

Bathroom Planning Tips: What You Need to Know

Most people love their bathrooms. It’s a getaway, a calming retreat, and a small personal refuge from the stressful world outside. It’s actually becoming so much more for most of us than just a room for personal hygiene—this relatively small space has become a quiet escape from the noise that we call life. [Read more…]

Signs That You Need a Bathtub Replacement

For some, their bathroom is a peaceful refuge from the frantic world outside. After a long day’s work, some will even go straight to their bathtubs and drown away their stress in suds. But what if your bathtub is old and looks worn-out? What if it’s leaking and cracks are all over the place? What if your tub has this stubborn, dirty-looking steak at the bottom that you can’t just scrub away with brush and soap? How are you supposed to relax after a long day’s work if your tub looks more tired than you? [Read more…]