5 Things That You Must See in a Roofing Warranty

Homeowners must be familiar with their current home renovation project. One of the most important things that one must be familiar with is the warranty. The warranty covers all of the important things that must be done and included on your roof replacement in Gresham and nearby areas. Therefore, understanding it is a must. DaBella Exteriors® lists down the information that must be found on your roofing warranty. [Read more…]

Aging in Place: Remodeling for the Autumn Years

To say that aging can be tough is an understatement. You’re not as tough as you used to be, and your memories and dreams might be as faded as the photographs on your walls. But the twilight years don’t have to be dour days. With these two remodeling projects, you can make those years comfortable, safe, and filled with sunlight—quite literally, in fact. [Read more…]

Most Popular Home Improvement Projects in Pacific States

Living next to the Pacific Ocean can be a little tough—the sun and salt-infused winds can wreak havoc on a home and its components. Porch recently released a nifty infographic detailing the most popular home improvement projects in the country. DaBella Exteriors® picks two that are most relevant to the Pacific states. These projects can boost your home’s curb appeal, provide you with peace of mind, and even give you a little value on the side. [Read more…]

Preservation Windows: Why We’re One of the Best

Man standing on a building with the words the company written on it.

We take windows seriously—and you have few options better than Preservation. With over 65 years of solid manufacturing experience backed by only the best renovation specialists, the main thrust of Preservation is to provide you with lasting quality—“preserving” your investment for a long time, if you will. There are several ways that Preservation windows in Portland Oregon take the lead in their class, and all of them greatly benefit you. [Read more…]

Alside Window Design Showcase: Window Shopping Made Easy

Windows behind red drapes.

The difficulty with shopping for windows in Portland Oregon is that most people don’t know what exactly these windows look like. Worse, many aren’t completely sure what exactly they’re going for either. These can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction if not dealt with properly. That’s why we developed an easy way to visualize the different types of windows here at DaBella Exteriors®. [Read more…]