House Siding Aloha ORHouse Siding That Can Protect Aloha, Oregon, Homes from Beaks and Baseballs

Would you consider the siding on your house in Aloha, OR, to be kid-proof? Could it shrug off a Frisbee strike or the impact from an errant baseball without denting, cracking, or chipping? How about woodpeckers? Can your house siding withstand a beak jackhammering away at it day after day without dimpling? Or wind-blown branches? Are you confident your siding will emerge after a summer storm looking as good as the day it was installed?

If the answer to any of these questions isn’t a resounding “yes!” it probably means you’ve learned through first-hand experience the limits of your cladding’s impact resistance. Damaged house siding is more than just an eyesore. It can allow moisture to infiltrate behind the planks, encouraging wood rot and the growth of mold and mildew. At DaBella Exteriors, we can revitalize the exterior of your Aloha, OR, home with insulated vinyl house siding from AMI, one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry today. As the exclusive dealer for their Preservation line of siding, we go the extra yard to ensure a flawless installation by employing only the most experienced AMI technicians to complete the work.

Preservation house siding not only provides exceptional impact resistance, it also:

  • Improves your home’s energy efficiency by minimizing the amount of heat transferred through exterior walls, thus allowing your heating and cooling systems to more easily regulate internal temperatures
  • Cleans easily, with just a quick spray from a garden hose
  • Discourages termites and carpenter ants from taking up residence behind the panels, thanks to a non-toxic additive that’s safe for both humans and pets

What’s more, Preservation vinyl siding is backed by a lifetime limited transferrable warranty, so you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for years to come knowing it’s as protected against the unexpected as your home is.

When the time comes to give your Aloha, OR, residence a new look, the company to turn to is DaBella Exteriors. Contact us today to learn more about Preservation house siding and the benefits it provides. We’ll also be happy to review the financing plans we offer qualified customers.