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Our customers are our biggest fans! Read what your neighbors have to say about their experience with “The DaBella Difference®.” We think you’ll agree that DaBella is the kind of company you’d enjoy working with to make your home the best it can be!

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We also end up hearing lots of great things from our customers who find dealing with a company who cares very refreshing. Here are just a few of the many nice things we hear about The DaBella Difference®:

Dear DaBella,

The final clean-up and removal for our roofing project has just been completed. I want to let you know how truly delighted I am with the results.

I’ll be honest. I couldn’t be sure I would say that just a few days ago. Neither my husband nor I are the sort to place our trust readily in professionals. We’ve been burned too often… We won’t even go there with contractors who have promised the moon…

Once the work on our roof began, I was truly impressed by the efficiency with which the project was carried out. The crew worked with minimal breaks. Their communication with us was stellar. They expressed gratitude for simple considerations (providing electricity for their tools) and were very minimally intrusive insofar as ripping off sections of roofing and tossing them onto tarps can be unobtrusive. The first day’s crew left us with very high expectations, and a bar set high for the second day’s crew. We were not disappointed. Again, the workers were steady, competent, and worked long and hard to complete the job… Your crew was awesome in making it happen beautifully!

Thank you for your excellent follow-up on this job. We truly appreciate the service and responsiveness to our concerns.

Jana Ducret & Robert Ducret

DaBella and our salesman Jeff did an amazing job for us.
Arthur & Estelle Bisk

Mike Stutzman and Matt did an awesome job. When we are ready to take the next step, we would like those 2 to help finish our house… I can’t say thank you enough.
Martinez Family

The crew was very professional – good company representatives. I would hire them again.
Lois Bailey

To Whom It May Concern:

Lisa + I had a pleasant and productive meeting w/ your rep., Mr. Jeff Weigel today.

His patience and professionalism were extremely helpful in allowing us to make a decision about proceeding w/ window upgrade and installation.

Jeff demonstrated knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of our needs, allowing us to proceed w/ our renovation w/ a positive frame of mind.

We appreciate his work and would recommend him to others.

Maxwell J Brown

All over my yard there are daffodils and tulips popping up through the soil getting prepared to delight me with their beautiful blooms. For this I have you to thank. You and the very nice gift card to Fred Meyer. With the card, plus a wee bit of my own, I bought two bags, one each of 75 tulips and planted the right away.

Every time I look at or pick some of those flowers I will think of you and your kindness.

Karen Baylow

Sincere thanks for your rep Brody and Mike Kromm and their wonderful roofing presentation. They were very knowledgeable and pointed out the problem areas in our roof of which we were unaware. We are not able to make a large purchase at this time but because of their presentation, I will certainly consider your company when we are ready to do our roof.

With thanks,

Le and Bonnie

We just wanted to tell you about our experience with your representation who came out to our home on May 10th, 2013. His name is Ian Walker, he is a top rate representative. He was nice, kind, understanding, considerate, not pushy. If we were to rate him on a scale of 1 (the worst) to 10 (being the best.) We would rate him higher than a 10. Ian really represents DaBella Exteriors really well. We are willing to consider your company in the future, because of Ian. In our opinion we think Ian deserves a bonus and or a raise. That is how well he conducted himself while he was here. We do not have any negative comments about Ian Walker. He is a great employee. Thank you for how DaBella is run. Have a very bless day.

Randy & Amy Fout

I am writing this letter in reference to our fabulous window experience with your company. We bought our house 3 years ago and have made energy saving improvements every year. Our next project was to replace all the windows. Our house was built in 1955 with nice wood trim on the windows, baseboard and closet. I talked to several people about replacing our windows and it always seemed like a huge job.

We were contacted by a cold call about your company and decided to talk to Jeff and see what he had to offer. Our appointment with Jeff was great, very informative, felt that Jeff was very knowledgeable and respectful. He told me that installation would be easy and not damage the wood trim.

My husband works at night and sleeps during the day, so the day when the installers came out to measure, we did not even know they were there. Very quiet and respectful. I finally saw them on the last window. They did explain they found lead in the paint and what that meant.

The installers called us to schedule to come to The Dallas, OR on Wed. Feb 5, 2014. I told them we were having a very cold spell and maybe a little snow and if they wanted to wait, it would be OK. Nathan said we are used to Oregon weather. Nathan and Matt arrived on Wed 2/5/14 and started installed with the temperature at about 15 degrees. They worked as late as they could that night and then came back on Thursday. Thursday the temperature reached 19 degrees and it started snowing about 10 am. They worked that entire day as 12 inches of snow came down and then a very treacherous drive home. I had to convince them to come in to warm up, every now and then These guys are the best, no complaining about the weather, did an extremely professional job. Loved my 2 pit bulls, which is very important to me. I would recommend your company and if I were you, I would give Nathan and Matt a huge bonus. When they left everything was clean and put back, you would have never known we had any work going one expect our wonderful new windows.

Too many times, you only get these letters when something goes wrong on a job. My husband and I have both worked for construction companies, so It was really important to me to let you know about our experience. Looking forward to being able to open windows for the first time. Thank you again.

Cheryl and Tom Lawson

Since this is the first time we’ve ever had to replace our roof, the process of choosing a roofer has not been easy for us. Mike and DJ went well beyond what other roofing companies have done in answering all of our questions (and I admit we had many!). They were able to give us answers that satisfied us and they never seemed perturbed by the amount of time it took to make us comfortable about our decision.

We were saddened when we thought we couldn’t afford to have DaBella Exteriors do our roof, because after meeting with DJ and Mike we felt good about DaBella as a company, the products you use, and how helpful your company has been in educating us about the roofing industry.
Because Ed was diagnosed during the last year as having multiple lesion throughout his brain we don’t know what the future will look like for his overall health and our finances. The last year and a half have brought us large medical bills.

DaBella’s willingness to reduce your company profit and bring the price down so we could afford the roof we want at a price within our budget is a huge blessing to us.

Thank you so very much


Lou Snyder

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