Roof Repair Sherwood ORIs a Roof Repair the Right Option for Your Sherwood, Oregon, Home?

If you’re wondering whether to repair your roof or replace it, the company to turn to in Sherwood, OR, for an honest and professional opinion is DaBella Exteriors. As a locally owned company, maintaining our reputation for integrity is incredibly important to us. Since our founding we have worked tirelessly to earn the trust and gratitude of customers throughout Oregon. When you enlist our services to determine if a roof repair is a viable option for your home, we’ll dispatch one of our roofing experts to conduct a thorough inspection of not just your roofing shingles, but your entire roofing system. Some of the things our representative will be looking for include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Shingles that are curling, buckling, or blistering
  • Cracked caulking or rust spots on the flashing
  • Places that feel spongy underfoot
  • Worn or damaged rubber boots around vent pipes
  • Mats of moss or lichen
  • Signs of interior moisture incursion such as damp attic rafters and softened plaster

After your evaluation is complete, our inspector will provide a detailed report that will include an accurate assessment of the condition of your roof. Sometimes, a roof repair is the appropriate course of action. If that’s the case at your Sherwood, OR, home, we’ll let you know. If, however, our inspector believes you’d be better served with a roof replacement rather than a roof repair, DaBella Exteriors can provide everything you need to complete the project quickly and competently. We offer top-of-the-line roofing product from GAF, the largest manufacturer of quality shingles in North America. 

The first step in determining if a roof repair or replacement is the best option for your Sherwood, OR, home, is to contact DaBella Exteriors and schedule an inspection. Afterwards, if you decide to move forward with a roof installation rather than repair, we’ll be ready to help. And to make your project as affordable as possible, we also offer financing for all qualified homeowners.