Roofing Shingles for Roseburg, Oregon, Homeowners That Pass All the Right Tests

Roofing Roseburg ORHow many tests should roofing shingles have to pass before they’re good enough for your Roseburg, OR, home? With our wet, occasionally blustery weather, you’d certainly want shingles that pass rain and wind tests. What about flexibility? Roofing shingles that bend in corner updrafts would be preferable to ones too brittle to withstand gusts without breaking. And don’t forget granule adhesion. You wouldn’t want your newly installed roof to shed its protective coating after only a few years. So would five tests be enough? Let’s assume there are a few more technical performance evaluations the average homeowner wouldn’t normally think of. Would ten tests be enough? How about 20? Or even 30?

At DaBella Exteriors, the shingles we install on homes throughout Roseburg, OR, must pass 185 tests before they’re given the stamp of approval, including the two toughest wind resistance trials in the industry. We offer only top-of-the-line products coupled with outstanding customer service. We’re a family-run business and a Master Elite Roofing Contractor, a distinction only three percent of the roofing companies throughout the nation have earned.

When you turn to DaBella Exteriors to provide a new roof for your residence, you can expect:

  • An initial, in-home consultation where one of our designers will review color and trim options and offer suggestions on how to give your home a unique, stylish look
  • A quick and competent installation by an experienced team of factory-trained technicians

All roofing shingles are not created equal. For the best products and services in the industry, contact DaBella Exteriors. You can learn more about what makes a GAF roofing system the ideal choice for Roseburg, OR, residents. And be sure to inquire about the financing available to qualified homeowners.