Vinyl Siding for Your Salem, Oregon, Home That’s as Strong as it is Beautiful

Vinyl Siding Salem ORLet’s be clear, vinyl siding isn’t going to protect your Salem, OR, home from cannon fire. It’s not going to repel lava flows or withstand asteroid impacts. And it probably won’t dissuade a stampede of wildebeests from trampling your petunias. If, however, you want to beautify your home while shielding it from damaging hail, wind, rain, and the occasional errant line drive from the neighborhood all-star, vinyl siding is the smart choice.

At DaBella Exteriors, we’re ready to give your Salem, Oregon, a fabulous new façade. We offer only premium vinyl siding from Preservation, a national leader in high-performance cladding. Increased curb appeal, improved energy performance, and enhanced structural integrity are just a few of the benefits you can expect after installation. So, what makes the vinyl siding we offer so special?

  • It’s durability. Preservation vinyl cladding is dent-resistant, invulnerable to rot, and impervious to insects.
  • It’s beauty. With a vast array of colors, styles, and finishes to choose from, the visual impact of your home’s exterior will turn heads and quicken hearts.
  • It’s practicality. Preservation vinyl siding is infused with titanium dioxide, which prevents color fading. And since vinyl panels won’t blister, flake, or chip, an occasional spray with the garden hose is all that’s necessary to keep your home looking great.

If you’re ready to reap the rewards of vinyl siding on your Salem, OR, home, choose DaBella Exteriors. We’re a locally-owned, award-winning company that has built a reputation on providing superlative products, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service. Our business strategy is simple: treat customers with respect, honesty, and integrity and you’ll earn their loyalty and trust.

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation to learn more about any of our quality siding products. And be sure to ask about financing available to qualified homeowners. Together, we can make your home the jewel of your neighborhood.