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Save Money with New Windows in the western United States

You can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills when you install energy-saving replacement windows from DaBella. Let us show you how!

The money you spend on heating and cooling the air in your home can escape at an alarming rate through inefficient windows and doors. Old, drafty windows with plain glass can act like a sieve for your home’s energy. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that as much as 30% or more of the energy in a typical home can be lost.

You can dramatically reduce this energy loss when you install replacement windows engineered to be thermally efficient. The Alside windows installed by DaBella include several important energy-saving features that are engineered to create a thermal barrier to reduce energy loss.

Better Glass and an Insulated Frame = Energy Savings!

The glass in our windows is actually a double- or triple-pane “sandwich” of tempered glass, with the narrow gap between filled with inert gas. This package, combined with warm-edge spacers connecting the glass to the frame, acts as a barrier to energy transfer. That means the glass keeps cold air out and warm air in all winter long. And warm air out and cool air in during the summer months.

But glass alone will not do the job. Our rigid, durable vinyl window frames and sash are insulated to give you a total package that helps reduce energy loss. This means your home’s heating system will need to operate less frequently, and your air conditioner can keep your home cooler with less effort. The resulting reduction in energy use will be seen in lower monthly utility bills, now and for many years in the future.

As the Most Efficient Windows of ENERGY STAR for Three Years Running, our Preservation Windows Can’t be Beat!

Preservation Windows

The Proof is On the Label.

Alside windows participates in the independent testing program of the National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC). The NFRC tests windows for energy efficiency, rating them on the basis of several key performance tests. The results are printed on the NFRC label found on each window.

If a window does not have an NFRC label, it has not been tested and any energy claim has not been proven. Look for the label! You’ll find it on every replacement window installed by DaBella.

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