Replacement Windows FAQ

The more you know the better we look! You can trust the experts of DaBella for straight talk on replacement windows in the western United States. We’ve assembled the most frequently asked questions we receive about replacement windows from homeowners in the western United States like you, along with our “no nonsense” answers. Our goal is to inform and educate you so that you can make the best decision for your home and family.

Q: Can new windows really save me money on my heating bills?
A: Absolutely! Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy show that as much as 30% of the energy you use to heat and cool your home can be lost via convection through poorly insulated doors and windows. By creating an effective thermal barrier, our Alside replacement windows can significantly reduce this energy loss. That means your heating system will “kick in” less frequently during the winter, and your air conditioner will run more efficiently all summer. The result is less energy used and lower monthly utility bills. It works!

Q: Do I have to install my new windows myself?
A: Professional installation by our experienced team is included with every new window purchased from DaBella. Other window companies may charge you extra for installation, and windows purchased from a hardware store will require you to hire a separate contractor. But we want to make sure the job is done right, every time!

Q: What kind of warranties are available on my new windows?
A: Our Alside warranty protection is among the best in the industry. It covers all parts of the window from manufacturing defects, including the frame, sash, and glass. What’s more, the warranty also covers any labor costs necessary to fix or replace a defective window. You can even transfer the warranty if you sell your home!

Q: Aren’t all replacement windows – and window companies – the same?
A: Not by a long shot! Replacement windows can vary tremendously in the quality of the materials used, the way they are engineered and constructed, the glass packages included, and less visible features like seals and spacers. These all add up to create a window that offers performance, value, and durability. And the company that installs your window is even more important! You want to be sure the installation does not damage your home or create more problems than it solves. And that the company will be there to stand behind their work. That’s the basis of “The DaBella Difference®” – great replacement windows, excellent work, and exceptional service at all times.

Q: How long does it take to get new windows installed?
A: Because each of our Alside replacement windows is custom manufactured to fit your home, the process takes a little longer than if you buy “off the shelf” windows from a home store. But the wait is worth it! We start by measuring your windows accurately, helping you to select the right styles for your home. Then we submit your specifications to Alside for manufacturing. It takes about 3 weeks for this process, at which time we’ll schedule an installation date. Most installations can be completed in a single day.

Q: Who do I call if I have a problem with my new replacement windows? You, or the manufacturer?
A: Call DaBella first. We will then coordinate any warranty coverage with the manufacturer. Too many contractors start to point fingers and deflect the blame if there is an issue with their work or products. But we don’t work that way. We are here to take care of you and your home!

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